There’s a rooster on your roof

Article by Ferran Baile published in FETEN, year 2015.

A surprising, original, interesting and very meritorious show, which for me was among the most pleasant surprises of this Feten 2015.

It may not be a rounded show, perhaps too heavy on the animated-visual part, but the story is full of a healthy surreal humor, with hilarious moments, visual findings, poetic texts in verse very well interspersed and has an extraordinary performance by Sonia Muñoz, is both an actress and an author, who multiplies herself in a surprising way as an actress-writer.

A ductile and versatile actress, capable of giving voice to all the characters with the most varied accents, giving the impression that there is more than one person acting.

A complete and great work of actress, both in the voices, as in the gestural part and in the manipulation and a playwright to be reckoned with.

On the technical side, it is worth mentioning how well adjusted all the scenic movements of the actress and the puppets fit perfectly with the cartoons made by the cartoonist. Francisco Piris-Monigotes Studio 2.0 and programmed and illuminated by Michael Fernández, playing with the original music by Jesús Mañeru and the sound by Miguel Àngel, under the direction of Ignacio Yuste in the functional scenography in three spaces by Carlos Suárez and Daniel Fernández.

The amusing poetic texts belong to the highly recommended and award-winning book Ciudad Laberinto by Pedro Mañas.

A joint work, not easy at all, with a stimulating, meritorious and successful final result. A highly recommended show, with readings for a wide range of ages, including adults.

By Ferran Baile, February 2015. FETEN2015