Also in Spanish!

Puppets, theater and cartoons in an audiovisual journey for family audiences and children from 3 years old. 45 minutes of duration.

Martín’s Journey is the story of a little pig fighting against what he was told one day had to be his destiny. It is the story of overcoming Martín, our protagonist, facing his own fears and embarking on a journey in search of what he loves the most… a good mudhole.

Martín shows courage in the face of difficulty, once again Titiriguiri bets on education in values by proposing a journey in which the child begins to identify and overcome his fears from childhood.

It is an innovative proposal where puppets, theater and cartoons go hand in hand in an audiovisual journey, having as support a large articulated canvas where puppets, drawings and a puppeteer actress who is responsible for giving life from inside along with an audiovisual programmer who is responsible for giving life from outside.

Todo ello conforma el universo de Martín en su nueva aventura: Martin’s Journey.