There’s a rooster on your roof


For family audiences, children aged 3 years and above.
45 minutes.

In the city, a lady is startled by the sound of a rooster stuck on her roof and crowing just like a cow. She asks the rooster why he crows, “Cock a doodle moooo!”

Thus begins a story which takes us from a pasture of extraordinary cows to the day-to-day routine of a couple of x ºsingular laying hens and then on to meet Maca, an ordinary cow.

In humorous rhyming verse, we visit the city’s rooftops where an infatuated bull joins a rooster who wishes that somebody would help him leave the city and find his way home.

The city is based on poems by Pedro Mañas.

There’s a Rooster on your Roof is a multidisciplinary performance that combines theatre, puppetry, visual arts and new technologies. Real and animated characters ineract on three canvases creating an exhilarating production the whole family will enjoy.