We release Clic, Clac, Mú!

Clic, Clac, Mú is our new play for children from 4 years old onwards

On the farm of brothers Mu and Muy, life is simple and quiet, the cows graze under the light of the blue sky and the hens lay eggs to the rhythm of cumbia. One day, a call will change the rhythm of their lives… there will be no time for music or to look at the blue sky. Modernization has come to the farm, completely changing its lifestyle…

The new system has left them speechless and together they want to regain the closeness of their masters…

Premiering on February 17, 2023, it is a play based on the short story, “Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type” by Scottish author Doreen Cronin.

Image of the poster of the theater play Clic, Clac, Mú