The Show

For family audiences, children aged 3 years and above.
45 minutes.

In the city, a lady is startled by the sound of a rooster stuck on her roof and crowing just like a cow. She asks the rooster why he crows, "Cock a doodle moooo!"

Thus begins a story which takes us from a pasture of extraordinary cows to the day-to-day routine of a couple of singular laying hens and then on to meet Maca, an ordinary cow.

In humorous rhyming verse, we visit the city’s rooftops where an infatuated bull joins a rooster who wishes that somebody would help him leave the city and find his way home.

The city is based on poems by Pedro Mañas.

There’s a Rooster on your Roof is a multidisciplinary performance that combines theatre, puppetry, visual arts and new technologies. Real and animated characters ineract on three canvases creating an exhilarating production the whole family will enjoy.

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Performance History

There’s a Rooster on your Roof premieres in March in 2014

There’s a Rooster on your Roof opens on March 30 2014 at the Regional Center for Humanities, Cardinal Gonzaga in La Cabrera.

It was selected to tour 13 municipalities of the theatre network of the Community of Madrid in the second half of 2014.

Participated in the Eibar Children's Theatre Fair, May 2014.

School campaign in Alcobendas Auditorium, November 2014.

Selected for the theatre network tour in Castilla, León, first half of 2015.

Selected to participate in the National Dramatic Centre schedule, Valle Inclán, Madrid, September 2014.

First Prize for the "best show" at t he Puppet Festival in Tolosa, November 2014.

Show recommended for the Red de Teatros y Auditorios Nacionales (National Network of Theatres and Auditoriums ) 2015.

FETEN 2015.

Titirescena 2014, Centro Dramático Nacional Valle Inclán Theatre, September 2014.

Tour of 25 municipalities of the theatre network of the Community of Madrid in the last half of 2014 and first half of 2015. Alcobendas Auditorium, Las Rozas,  Boadilla del Monte, Hoyo de Manzanares, Alamo, Getafe, Leganés, Moralzarzal, Alcorcón, Valdemoro, Paco Rabal, Coliseo Carlos III, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Móstoles, Aranjuez, Algete, Alpedrete, Arganda, Morata de Tajuña, Parla, Serranillos…

Theatre network tour in Castilla, León, Ciudad de las Artes, Laguna de Duero, Aranda de Duero, León, Medina del Campo, Valladolid… Second half of 2014 and first half of 2015.

Basque theatre network, Sarea, 2015.

Navarra theatre network,, Lodosa, Marzo 2015.

Tolosa International Puppet Festival, November 2014.

Seville International Puppet Festival, May 2015.

Redondela International Puppet Festival, Mayo 2015.

School campaigns in León, Redondela,  Eibar, Barakaldo, Alcobendas…